Green Bean Coffee Roastery
  • In the high altitude Konga region, smallholders produce the finest coffee from the Horn of Africa – world renowned for its bright, lemony acidity. Emperor Selassie pronounced that only Grade 1 coffee was for his personal consumption – all other coffee was Grade 2 or 3 in spite of its supreme quality. In the high altitude Konga region,...

    R 78.26
  • All our African Arabica coffees are roasted in a Medium or City Roast profile spectrum. This means that the beans are roasted to produce the optimum flavour and aroma for their unique characteristics. Our decaf beans are safely processed using the carbon filter and water method of extracting caffeine.  All our African Arabica coffees are...

    R 73.91
  • Co-operatively grown in the Kembata district, this naturally sun-dried coffee has a distinctive silky, smooth body and peachy flavour. Ideal for espresso or a morning plunger pot. Co-operatively grown in the Kembata...

    R 78.26
  • The Limmu region of Ethiopia’s western highlands is the place where great Arabica coffee was first discovered – it’s the mother of all coffees, and like a Mother, it is soft, warm and great for everyday use! Best used in a filter or manual pour-over, like an Aeropress. The Limmu region of Ethiopia’s...

    R 73.91

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  • Orders leave our shop within 36 hours of roasting; compare that to what you probably get in a supermarket – stock that is already 36 days old at best!
  • In Gauteng, we can deliver within 36 hours of roasting, for a small fee of R90 (ex VAT) for parcels up to 25kgs!

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