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  • Cameroon

    In the SW Lake Bamedjing area, quality Arabica grows in a country better known for Robusta coffee. A delicious, easy drinking coffee with smooth body.

  • Ethiopia

    The Limmu region of Ethiopia’s western highlands is the place where great Arabica coffee was first discovered – it’s the mother of all coffees, and like a Mother, it is soft, warm and great for everyday use! Best used in a filter or manual pour-over, like an Aeropress.

  • Rwanda

    In Western Rwanda, smallholder farmers grow select lots of AA specialty coffee, which are wet pulped at US Aid sponsored washing stations. Ideal for espresso, or as black coffee.

  • Malawi

    On the northern foothills, near Lake Malawi, the finest AA/AAA coffees are grown by 3000 members of the Mzuzu Coffee Planters Union. Ideal for drip filter or plunger brewing.

  • Uganda

    The Rain Forest Alliance initiative, in the Sipi Falls region, oversees that coffee is grown sustainably. 7000 co-operative farmers adhere to these standards, producing fine specialty coffee at the same time.

  • Kenya

    1000 smallholder farmers bring their cherries to the Kiaragu Mill in the Nyeri region. Delicious peaberry coffee with typical fruity flavours. Ideal for manual drip filter or plunger brewing.

  • Zimbabwe

    Under the shade of large broad-leaved canopies, small scale farmers provide coffee cherries to the Mutare Mill for processing. The coffee is graded, with only the highest AA beans going to the specialty export market.

  • Tanzania

    On the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro, co-operative farmers grow AA bean coffee under the shade of banana trees. Ideal for filter or plunger brewing.

  • Burundi

    Region of Kibira