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Specialty Coffee is that which cups 80% or more in a cupping rating, done by independent cuppers.

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  • World Renowned Harrar is Back in Stock! We are delighted to offer Ethiopian Harrar again! This world-renowned Arabica is back in stock for a limited period. It is famous for its deep mocha, maltiness and rich full body. A must in any coffee lover’s collection! World Renowned Harrar is Back in...

    R 95.00
  • Specialty Selection from a World Renowned Area – Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia   Green Bean is proud to offer a limited edition of this specialty Arabica from Yirgacheffe. Cupping at 84% this is a real gem – typical limey-citric flavours, combined with passion fruit, great balance and medium body. The Kochere Farm in the Gediyo Zone, has rich, volcanic soils... Specialty Selection from a World...

    R 82.61