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Ethiopia - Decaffeinated

ethiopia decaf stamp

Coffee was discovered in the Western Highlands of Ethiopia, circa 500 AD. Our most popular, balanced coffee – ideal for manual drip brewing or electronic filter.

Flavour Profile:  WINEY FRUIT – DARK COCOA
Roast Profile: MEDIUM
Elevation: 1700M
Soil: Rich,fertile, organic
Processing: Wet pulped. Sun-dried on elevated beds
Prices excl Vat: 250g - R85.00 inc vat
1kg - R320.00 inc vat

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Coffee From ethiopiayira Coffee From ethiopiayira Coffee From ethiopiayira Coffee From ethiopiayira

  • NOTE: ALL SINGLE ORIGIN COFFEES AVAILABLE IN GREEN / UNROASTED BEANS - SUBJECT TO QUOTATION – EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.