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Under the shade of large broad-leaved canopies, small scale farmers provide coffee cherries to the Mutare Mill for processing. The coffee is graded, with only the highest AA beans going to the specialty export market.

Flavour Profile:  STONE FRUIT – CARAMEL
Roast Profile: MEDIUM
Elevation: 1600M
Soil: Rich,fertile, organic
Processing: Wet pulped. Sun-dried on elevated beds
Prices excl Vat: 250g - R85.00 inc vat
1kg - R320.00 inc vat

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Coffee From zimbabwe Coffee From zimbabwe Coffee From zimbabwe Coffee From zimbabwe

  • NOTE: ALL SINGLE ORIGIN COFFEES AVAILABLE IN GREEN / UNROASTED BEANS - SUBJECT TO QUOTATION – EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.